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If not otherwise stated all the text and pictures on this Web site are copyright 1957-present Gabriel Ditu. Please note that all these conditions apply only to my pictures and not to pictures made by other people. if in doubt.

Terms and conditions in using my photos

1. For personal use you can print my photos free of charge.
2. You can use my photos for non-commercial purposes, the only condition is to have a link to my Web site, such as:

photographs courtesy of
<a href="">Gabriel Ditu</a>

In this way people know who took the picture and read my on-line copyright statement. No need to pay. Just do something worth with it.
3. For commercial use of photos please for an agreement.
4. You don't have the right to use any of the photos which are depicting a private person.
5. Most of the pictures of people on my pages are not model-released. Advertising usage of photos (e.g., brochures, catalogs, print ads) is very different from editorial usage of photos (e.g., newspaper and magazine articles, books). You cannot use pictures in advertising (e.g., an on-line product brochure or anything else that is selling) without getting a model release from any person whose image is recognizable in the photo.

Terms and conditions in using my writings

1. Please do not ever copy any of my written text to another Web server. Link to my pages instead. Send me an e-mail with the link you made and I guarantee to contact you in case I will change the URL. If you put the content of my page on your server it is possible a search engine will find your site first and you will deprive the readers of the latest content.
2. Do not use what I wrote for a commercial purpose without my written .

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